Work-life balance for New Parents.

                                     Your personal cheerleader, if you are going through it. 

Juggling between professional life, personal life and your own space can be a lot sometimes. Adding a toddler to it can make the juggling a lot more complex. 

Having a baby in one’s life is a blessing. Sometimes, having a baby takes a whole lot of faith, prayers and many many hospital visits. But once the angel is in your life and you need to get back to work after the paternal leave, it comes with guilt, separation, fear and worry. 

Work-life balance is assumed to be difficult. I personally think that’s because work-life balance is defined with perfection like being on top of your game at work and your own life. Having all your tasks completed, being there for all your friends, making time for your family, getting ahead in your career and also completing that book you have always wanted to read. That’s perfection and not balance.

Balance is about making the right choice at the right time and defining your priorities well. When there is a new born baby in the house, she/he will be the top priority for you, everything else will come second. You have to make decisions accordingly as to what is the most important right now and that’s not easy. Sometimes to create a balance, you need to come out of it and break open. 

As new parents you have so much to handle, you have a new responsibility that is a literal human. While you sit there and question all your decisions and worry whether you will be able to take care of your little one and be a great dad/mom, I am here to tell you that you definitely are going to be the best parents for that little baby. When they learn how to write and draw, they are going to make you a card telling you that you are the best parents in the whole wide world!

Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Schedule and assign tasks effectively. Make a combined calendar if required. 
  2. Ask for help, don’t be shy. Ask family and friends to babysit if required. 
  3. If money is tight, don’t give up. Keep moving forward. 
  4. Make time for your baby as well. Cuddling and playing with your little bundle of joy can relax you and also remind you what you are working so hard for. In the end it will all be worth it. 
  5. In order to manage work, look into leaves, work from home systems in your company. Inform colleagues that you need help and share your load with others. You are sure to come across someone with the right advice. 
  6. Cut yourself some slack, you are a human too. If you need a break even just for five minutes with a cup of tea or coffee just go for it, 
  7. Most importantly, don’t ignore your partner. They are in this with you just as much as you are. Talk to your partner and know that you can rely on them too. 
  8. Everything comes in waves. You will have bad days but that doesn’t mean you won’t have good days. Sometimes your child is going to be fussy and ruin a party you planned and sometimes you are going to be fussy and not understand that they have just started highschool and are new to this system. Parenting is all about that isn’t it?!
  9. Try to keep your mind in one place and focus on what you are working on. This way you shall be productive at home and at work without the constant worry tapping the back of your mind. 
  10. Learn to say no, set boundaries and maintain distance. Practice this as much as you can even if it is about a small discussion at work that you don’t want to attend or if it is a nursery charity programme you don’t want to attend.

To wrap it all up, be honest and learn from your mistakes. Make your own path when it comes to parenting because it is your own personal journey. We at kindergartentoys are here to help you with our weekly blogs as well as our online store for toddlers and babies. Do check us out on and gift your baby angel anything you like.  


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