The importance of Bath toys and Bath Time for Babies.


  • Bonding time
  • Connection to the environment and language
  • Development of senses
  • Early understanding of math and science
  • Movement and strengthening of motor skills


To put it in words, babies have the key to all our hearts. They know exactly when to smile, showing off their cute gums with no teeth. Yes, they also know when to be fussy and make you doubt all the decisions you have made in your life.

At the same time, as parents we don’t realize that we have the keys to our babies’ hearts as well. After all, it is only their mum and dad that a baby can rely on. Who else is the baby going to look up to? That’s a responsibility and also a challenge.

This little bundle of joy needs all your attention just as it grows and is in its prime stage of development. One of the major concerns new parents have is about bathing their toddlers. Bathing and playing with toddlers seems fun and all good, until it happens. Your baby could be very fussy and not want to bathe. Or maybe you are too scared to handle your newborn and are afraid you will get soap in his/her eyes.

Rest assured, you will definitely have a positive perspective towards bath time by the end of this blogpost. By making some adjustments in temperature and tubs, you can change the experience of bathing for your baby. Adding bath toys not only makes it fun but also adds to the baby’s growth and development. Checkout our range of bath toys at, the best online toy store for children.

Bath time is known to be the bonding time between the parent and the child, or even the caregiver. It familiarizes the baby with the parent’s touch and increases the comfort and trust between the two. It develops the baby’s tactile sense. It is supposed to be relaxing and slow and definitely not stressful. If you are stressed while bathing your baby, the baby can sense it and become uncomfortable and very hard to handle.

Bath time helps in learning the mother tongue and connects the baby to the parent’s voice. It is noticed that while bathing the child, parents talk slowly slowly which helps them grab words better. It familiarizes the baby to what is spoken when playful and happy. The baby understands what you say when something falls too!

Toddlers shouldn’t be pushed to have a bath, but made to look forward to it. They should enjoy their bath time and not feel rushed or unsafe. Could you ever predict that bath time could have so many benefits for your baby?

The baby should feel the water and enjoy it. Keep the temperature lukewarm, not hot or cold. The bath shouldn’t be very long or short either. The key rule of bath time is that you have to keep all eyes on your baby, otherwise anything can happen. Bath time is basically a distraction free time and you can’t even take a look at your phone. Which is for the best of course.

Do you know what else a bath time provides? It provides a sense of routine which helps in regulating emotions and behaviors. After a few baths, your baby knows what to expect and will follow through with you. It also teaches the baby selfcare, and this is the stepping stone for hygiene.

One of the ways you can make bath time fun is by adding toys to the tub. Our online store for bath toys, has got you covered on that. Bath toys introduce your child to math and science. Can you imagine? While filling toys with water and emptying them, the baby learns concepts of empty, full, heavy, and also understands the difference between solid, liquid and air.

Water is the best way to strengthen the baby’s motor skills and bath toys add to that. Squeezing, pushing and floating the toys help in moving the baby. Bath time could be called a baby’s workout.

To wrap it up, bath time is a very important part of your baby’s growth. By preparing well for it with toys, clothes, towels, the right soap, etc, bath will be a very fun filled experience.

Disclaimer: Do consult with your physician for any bath related queries.


Blog 2:

Work-life balance for New Parents.

By Munira Shabbir


Your personal cheerleader, if you are going through it.

Juggling between professional life, personal life and your own space can be a lot sometimes. Adding a toddler to it can make the juggling a lot more complex.

Having a baby in one’s life is a blessing. Sometimes, having a baby takes a whole lot of faith, prayers and many many hospital visits. But once a baby is in your life and you need to get back to work after the paternal leave, it comes with guilt, separation, fear and worry.

Work-life balance is assumed to be difficult. I personally think that’s because work-life balance is defined with perfection like being on top of your game at work and your own life. Having all your tasks completed, being there for all your friends, making time for your family, getting ahead in your career and also completing that book you have always wanted to read. That’s perfection and not balance.

Balance is about making the right choice at the right time and defining your priorities well. When there is a new born baby in the house, she/he  will be the top priority for you, everything else will come second. You have to make decisions accordingly as to what is the most important right now and that’s not easy. Sometimes to create a balance, you need to come out of it and break open.

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