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green tick from Table Toy: The decompression top can rotate at the same time. The peculiar phenomenon of rolling and falling is a satisfying table toy. It is precision machined by ABS.


green tick from Simple Operation: After careful consideration, it reveals fascinating functions by mastering the correct or tense movement of pushing or pulling an object.


green tick from Skills Development: It seems that you can easily rotate the work many times, but there are still huge challenges and certain skills to achieve a continuous flow of flipping actions.


green tick from Fun to Play: The secret is to learn the correct movement and strength of the pen tip. Sometimes, a soft tip will beat the intensive thrust and make the pen shaft the most rotation.


green tick from Anxiety Relief: A fun, interesting, and addictive calming exercise that allows you to spare some time from daily activities to restore energy.

2 reviews for Desk Fidget Toys

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    Desk Fidget Toys photo review
    Joseph Al-Shaikh
    September 30, 2022
    Not the best
    These have great weight. They feel nice and heavy. Only issue I really have is that these look like they are stamped. With them being stamped the edges are not flat, they're pinched. So they tend to slip right away. I ended up grinding them flat so they work properly.
    Desk Fidget Toys photo review
    James B
    September 30, 2022
    Nice especially for the price
    Has a good weight, smooth, and same size as real flipo flip. I like this, the real one like the TI edition flipo flip I put in the picture are more refined and better but much more expensive
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