Cup and Phone Holder for Stroller

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green tick from  Adjustable size: stroller cup holder upgrade the adjustment nut holder for easy installation, requires no tools and no assembly and you can use it anywhere in the pushchair to make daily life easier.
green tick from  Non-slip design: the bike cup holder is made of safety and environmental protection materials and the surface is smooth to avoid scratches. Even walking on a bumpy road, can prevent liquid from leaking out of the cup.
green tick from Stability: baby carriage cup holders have 4 elastic fastening strips that allow the baby bottle to be inserted and fastened to prevent excessive shaking and falling.
green tick from Phone storage box: cup holder for the walker has a mobile phone storage box that allows you to rest the phone and release both hands.
green tick from Widely used: the drink holder bicycle is suitable for all types of baby bottles, drink bottles, and coffee cups.

5 reviews for Cup and Phone Holder for Stroller

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    Jason m.
    September 30, 2022
    Do not over tighten
    Bought this for use with a mobility device after trying many others this was in the top
    Gina Oxborrow
    September 30, 2022
    My cell phone didn't fit. So close though..
    All was good in the cup holder part but my cell phone, although close, did not fit. I actually need a second one and so, do you have one that holds a slightly larger size cell phone?
    Cup and Phone Holder for Stroller photo review
    September 30, 2022
    Finally a cup holder that really does the job
    Like the way it sits firmly on my wheelchair. Easy to install and my water bottle sits snugly in the holder. The mobile phone holder right next to the cup is a plus!
    Cup and Phone Holder for Stroller photo review
    Janna Rose-Bell
    September 30, 2022
    GET ONE NOW!!! The best one ever made!!!
    Get one now!!!! This is absolutely the best holder I have ever purchased and I have gotten alot and thrown them all away. This one fits anywhere and for any style. Can use it on baskets, bikes, walkers, chairs - wherever. AND BONUS there is finally a place for your cell phone!!!!!!!! Finally I can have my cup and cell phone close at hand with no worries!!!! GET ONE -- you will love it.
    Cup and Phone Holder for Stroller photo review
    September 30, 2022
    Easy to put on and stays on!
    This was very easy to put on. I wasn't sure it would work on my walker since I wasn't sure there would be enough room for a holder that was for most sizes of cups. I have a large bubba insulated cup and didn't think it was going to work. Lo and behold it fit perfectly on my walker in the exact spot I was hoping for and my cup fit perfectly..having a spot for my phone for easy access was definitely a bonus.
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