Recalling Childhood Days and all about a Toddlers First Kick’s Scooter

The kids of the early 2000s have for sure begged their parents for one of these kick scooters. A sleek metal frame, light-up wheels, and a collection of amazing and trendy stickers added to the beauty of this amazing ride. The scooter was memorable for all of us. 

It came as a gift or was passed onto us from our elder siblings’ neglected toy collection. Still, it felt new and it felt ours. The scooter made us feel smart and cool. Wearing a helmet and flying through the streets was an afternoon ritual. The many hours spent outside kicking the ground and moving forward on the street at what felt the speed of the light are countless. We all can remember the hype around it and how this somehow was a competition. 

This was the time before screens were introduced to young children. The time before social media and long hours on youtube. The scooter was more than a toy, it was about feeling free, it was about feeling the cold wind despite all the summer heat. 

Continuing on kick scooters are more than a toy, here are a few benefits toddlers and young children get from using them:

  • It keeps them active
  • It makes them outdoorsy
  • It helps in stretching and keeping their core muscles strong 
  • It adds to their balance and direction capabilities
  • It boosts their mood
  • Learning how to ride it and flaunt it makes them more confident
  • It improves their motor and fine skills 
  • It is a source of fun and happiness for them 
  • It is to prepare them to ride bicycles!

So if you are deciding on a kick scooter for your toddler, keep in mind the above and consider the following: 

  1. The physical size of your child 
  2. Does he or she already know how to ride? Are they excited or are they scared?
  3. Should the kick scooter have two wheels or three wheels? Three wheels will make your child feel shy around others, so make sure you know your way around this.
  4. What will be more suitable: large wheels or small wheels?

Here’s what I have come down to:

Riding a kick scooter is best for your child. At the age of 2, they can start with this. This will keep them active and also give them immense joy. Kids specialists usually recommend starting sports early as it becomes a part of the child’s daily routine. 

If you are confused about the number of wheels, let your kid decide for themselves. Let the child ride a two-wheeled scooter, and if it’s really not working out then switch to the three-wheeled scooter. A three-wheeled scooter is self-balanced and only requires a push in order to make turns. 

A two-wheeled kick scooter needs more balance and grip compared to the three-wheeled one. In order to ride this scooter, minimum speed and control have to be maintained. The child has to understand how much they have to kick in order to keep it at their desired speed. All this while also keeping the steering right. 

Talking about the wheel size, it is quite understood that the large wheels are better than the small ones. The large ones have a better platform and make it easier to kick through the way. 

To conclude, let your baby make those memories with a kick scooter that you cherish to date. Check out our website and get your cute toddler a kick scooter today at 

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