Educational Benefits of Providing Toys to your Children.

Babies develop and grow the most important habits and behaviors. At such an early stage of life, they are actually getting familiar with themselves and their surroundings. They are trying to understand what their bodies can do and how their minds function. They are trying to understand their parents and caregivers. 

At this age, that is 0-3 years, a baby needs to be acquainted with all things that will shape its mind, body and senses. It could be called the foundation years of a human’s life. That is why it is important to surround a baby or toddler with the right things in the right environment. This way they shall develop good habits and have a positive outlook for life. Since what they learn and see as children stays with them their whole life. 

You would be surprised to know how toys have such an important role in this development. The number one asset for a toddler is toys. Their whole world revolves around toys. If you were to think about toddlers, you would definitely be also thinking about their toys. That is why it is important to take into consideration what impact toys could have on the baby’s little mind. The good news is that toys have a lot of educational benefits for the baby. The right toys can ensure that the baby learns and processes the right ideas, mindset and techniques. Toys help in the exercise of the mind, body and soul of a baby!  

Here’s how toys benefit the baby’s overall growth and development:

  1. Let us start with movement. Toys help in developing the motor sense in toddlers. When playing with toys that move like cars or balls, it helps in motor skill development. If a baby is playing with a ball and is trying to get it from under the sofa or the table then that is actually a good sign!
  2. Imagination and creativity comes next. Toys for babies come in various colors, shapes and sizes. The more they are exposed to new shapes and styles, the more their creativity and imagination is challenged. 
  3. Moving on to vision. Toys that come with lights and vibrant looks are great for the baby’s vision development. They are like an eye workout for the child!
  4. Concentration is a very important skill, and sometimes even adults struggle with it. Playing with toys like blocks or puzzles requires attention and utmost concentration. This instills focus and develops their skills. 
  5. The highlight is IQ. Toys help in facilitating the growth of memory, body coordination, identifying items, literacy, etc. Playing with toys that involve joining, stacking, etc usually help in this. Even when the baby is assembling and gathering toys it helps in the development of IQ. 
  6. The next skill is cause and effect. If a toy breaks, or when the stacked puzzles fall down, it teaches cause and effect to the baby. 
  7. The most important skill that people put in their resume is problem solving. This skill starts developing at this young stage itself. Toys challenge the mind of the baby. Simple toys might seem simple to us as adults but it is a whole new venture for your baby’s mind. 
  8. A big part of education is social and mental growth. Playing with toys boosts mental health and increases social cues. How is that you ask? Playing with children or even parents requires social effort from the baby. Similarly, displaying emotions like anger and happiness add to their mental knowledge. Toys are a way of exposing babies to attributes like sharing, empathy, dividing, waiting etc. 

What may seem simple, and rather extremely basic is all new for a baby. The baby is still adapting to the difference between solid and liquid. Toys play an important role in the baby’s development as they are a major chunk of their life. 

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