Does a newborn baby need toys?


In the case of a newborn, it just seems as though they are feeding, pooping, and crying, with the occasional irresistible smile. In reality, they are constantly growing and developing their bodies, senses, and social abilities. Playtime might seem simple and all fun but it is a huge part of a newborn’s development such as brain development, social skill set development, and also language development. 

To put it rightly, a newborn baby is the most curious living thing on the planet. They are learning and understanding everything around them. They don’t know what’s going on and can hardly see across 12 inches. Toys are a way for the newborn baby’s to learn and explore everything around them. Setting aside some time every day for your newborn baby can make a huge impact and can also be the highlight of your day. 

To answer the question, do newborn babies need toys?: yes, they do. A newborn baby can get busy with a box or even a plastic wrapper. It is important to find the right toys that are bright, colorful, and have fun designs on them. Toys that make sounds may seem very annoying but are fascinating to the baby. Toys like rattles and softballs are ideal for a newborn. Compex toys have tiny parts and are hazards for a baby. 

What a newborn really needs is love, warmth, attention, and something to move their hands and put in their mouth. Check out for such newborn baby toys. 

As a newborn baby grows, their taste in toys will change. They find comfort in toys as they get a sense of familiarity from it. That’s why it is recommended to keep a toy handy for your child when taking it outside the home.

Toys teach a newborn how to:

  • Hold objects with two hands
  • Crawl
  • Stand up and sit down without help
  • Grab things
  • Pick things up in a standing position
  • Grasp things with two or three fingers

So while toys may not be on top of your list, they are assets you must invest in for your baby. Toys help in triggering imagination and create a bond between the baby and whosoever they are playing with. For example, a book with lots of images and short stories is the best toy for a tiny baby. This gives a story with a happy ending along with colorful images that add to the imagination of the baby. When a book is read to the baby, the baby gets familiar with language and sound as well. If the baby is seated on the lap of someone during this time, it finds comfort and recognizes the reader. 

It is all about the tiny and little things when it comes to your little bundle of joy!


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