Do Toddlers Need Toys?

A very simple answer to the question “do toddlers need toys?” would be: Yes. 

While some argue that toddlers don’t necessarily need toys, it is important to understand why toys are given to toddlers in the first place. 

Playtime is everybody’s favorite. Playing is a source of learning and growth for a child. Through play, children develop skills, emotions, and even personality. Playing with other kids or elders teaches children about bonding and team-power. 

We often think that playing is all fun and do it so effortlessly with children. The truth is that by playing and running, children exert their energy and learn a whole lot of principles and possibilities. Children have the wildest of imagination and they use it to excite their lives and create dreams for themselves. 

In order to play well and proactively, toddlers are introduced to all kinds of toys. Sometimes even a basic box could be used as a play buddy. Parents are always fascinated with the items children pick up to play with. A leaf? Or a pen? Or even a chair! They are all modes of play and children create exciting stories to make these basic objects around the house fun and happening. 

Toys like robots, cars, dolls, kitchen sets, doctors’ sets, building blocks, or even stuffed animals are all adding more growth and development to your dear baby. You would be surprised how these small things educate children. Checkout our toys world and explore toys and games for your little one: 

For example: 

  • Building blocks teach about balance and stability. 
  • The doctor’s instrument toys or a house set help children set future dreams and goals.
  • While playing with barbies and animals, children develop bonding and learn about feelings. 
  • While building their favorite robots and cars, toddlers learn problem-solving skills. 

This doesn’t mean that toddlers should be given all kinds of toys. A few toys just to create their own collection is enough. Giving them old toys or simple toys is completely normal. Studies say that it is all about balancing toys and other objects that will boost the imagination and skill set of your cute toddler. Too many toys can actually overwhelm and confuse the toddler. So keeping it limited is the best for both of you. With everyone gifting toys and you buying the best toys for your baby, the collection could quickly take over the whole house, quite literally. 

Toys are important as they let your baby play and have fun. The fun element is what children need and that’s what toys are here for. Use traditional toys and also grab a few fancy tech toys if you like them. Take a look at a variety of fun toys for your toddler here: 

To conclude, toddlers need play time and to help with that they need fun toys and games. It is a choice as to how many toys you would like to put around your toddler.

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