Do fidget toys help with anxiety for children?

We have all heard of the fidget spinner. It has grown in popularity in recent years and blew up like a trend. The fidget spinner has a few variations and such types of toys are called fidget toys.   

Fidgeting is basically tiny movements of restlessness. Fidget spinners are designed to decrease and release any sort of restlessness making the focus stronger. There are a bunch of different opinions when it comes to whether they work for anxiety or not. However, fidget toys have some good reviews and haven’t ever gotten anybody’s symptoms to be worse. 

With the growing awareness about mental health, it has also been found that children too get diagnosed with anxiety and other related conditions. This usually happens when:

  1. They are around anxious or stressed parents and siblings
  2. They are introduced to new houses and environments with a smaller transitional period
  3. They experience the loss of close family, or a very loved toy or pet. 
  4. They experience neglect and abuse if any.
  5. They are made to become responsible and aren’t allowed to have fun

These experiences and feelings make them anxious and quiet. Children start to stay home and like to be kept by themselves. They find it very difficult to focus on day-to-day activities and become rigid. 

Fidget toys also referred to as sensory toys channel extra energy and channelize focus on one thing, that is the toy itself. This way all those overwhelming thoughts start to get away and children start to feel less out of place. Fidget toys help in calming nerves and channel anxious energy for adults and children both. A lot of people swear by them and add them to one of their tools for dealing with stress and anxiety. Fidget toys are the best for short reliefs and are affordable too. 

The benefits include:

  • Fidget toys have a wide variety of options to choose from. Check out fidget spinners on our website: and choose what best suits you. 
  • Fidget toys help in keeping the mind occupied and help the child stay calm. 
  • Agitated children become grumpy and are difficult to look after. The best way to calm them down is to provide them with a fun fidget toy.
  • Fidget toys require both hemispheres of the brain, they are quick brain exercises for children
  • Channelising energy allows children to improve focus and concentration. 
  • Fidget toys occupy both hands which will help them stop biting their nails and fiddling with their hair. 
  • Playing with fidget toys like chewy toys or spinners makes children calm and relaxed. 
  • They provide comfort to the children in a manner.
  • These toys give children a fun mental break. Fidget toys don’t require any thinking or mental activity as such. 
  • All of these combined will help the child in better learning and understanding. 


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